Claire Hone &
Sonya Rawlings


About Claire & Sonya

Claire Hone and Sonya Rawlings created TranscribeRight, an online transcription training course, designed to teach the skills required to be a work from anywhere audio transcriber. Literally hundreds of thousands of audio minutes are recorded every single minute around the world, and most of this audio needs to be transcribed.  

As their transcription company, Top Team Transcripts, grew, they struggled to find people with the necessary skills and experience to join their team of transcribers.  This, combined with more than 30 years working in the industry, was the catalyst for TranscribeRight, designed to take students step by step from absolute beginner to the necessary skills for a rewarding career working the hours they choose

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Transcription is a truly global industry. Claire lives in Melbourne, but is originally from the UK.  Sonya lived and worked in the US for 10 years before moving back to Australia in 2016.  Their experience gained overseas brings a unique global perspective to the course and to their transcription business.  

They are both passionate about their industry; and believe in giving back to community and so The Daisy Scholarship was born in 2016, in memory of their mothers.  This scholarship gives the winner access to the entire course, pedals and headphones, as well as a month mentoring with Sonya and Claire at the end.  

TranscribeRight’s students come from all walks of life: parents wanting a career that gives them time with their children; those longing to travel; students who need a flexible job to fit around their study; and care-givers. Claire and Sonya are currently working to create access for the visually-impaired to allow more women access to earning potential. Transcription increases your sense of wellness and contribution, allowing you to earn an income from the safety of your home, or anywhere in the world. To get started, all that’s needed to take the course is a minimum touch-typing speed, a computer with Microsoft Word, headphones, pedals and a desire to learn and chase that dream.  

TranscribeRight’s aim is to empower women to be able to create a business working from home, with flexible hours and endless opportunity.