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Dr. Turnbull is a world recognized Thought Leader in global inclusion and diversity.  She has a deep knowledge and understanding of the complexity of inclusion and what it takes to create an inclusive environment.

She is the author of three online psycho-metric assessment tools on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion – namely, Cognizant, the ISM profile and The Gender Gap Assessment.  She has spoken at TEDx on “The Illusion of Inclusion”.  She keynotes on these topics globally and has spoken to senior executives in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK, Canada, Latin America and the USA.  Her client list includes Texas Instruments, Raytheon, J.P. Morgan Chase, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, AT & T, Microsoft, Spotify, Lockheed Martin International, Wells Fargo and Citigroup, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the Australian Department of Defense.

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Dr. Turnbull has five Award winning clients. She has made major contributions in assisting Texas Instruments to win the Catalyst Award and was instrumental in developing programs for both JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup Europe to win the prestigious “Opportunity Now” Award and “Business in the Community” Awards. Commonwealth Bank of Australia also won the 2012 Catalyst Award attributing the win in part to Cognizant, an Unconscious Bias tool developed by Dr. Turnbull and QBE Insurance Australia has been named Australian Employer of Choice in 2015 attributing their win in large part to Human Facets work on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion with 450 of their top leaders.  

In addition to her PhD, Dr. Turnbull has two Masters Degrees in Organizational Behavior and Mental Health Counselling and an Under-Graduate Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the Open University. She is a member of a number of professional societies, including the Academy of Management and the American Psychological Association. In 2009 she won the “Distinguished Research Award” for a journal article – “Diversity & Inclusion: Developing an Instrument for the identification of Skills deficiencies” published in the Academy of Strategic Management Journal and is also published in the Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict Journal and the Reflective Practitioner Journal.

Her latest book is “The Illusion of Inclusion” which is her seminal work on this topic.  She is also a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) member of the National Speakers Association; a Global Speaking Fellow and an accomplished keynote speaker. (one of only 33 people in the world with this designation).