Latina McIntyre, Founder Super Smart Girl’s Club 


About Latina

Latina McIntyre is a United States Air Force veteran and a proud graduate of Bellevue University. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master in Public Administration. Her previous experience includes teaching special education and civil service work. She loves hiking, camping, writing, traveling, and spending with her family. She is a proud mother of three children and a pet owner of two active Yorkies.

She founded the newly designed girls club called the ‘Super Smart Girls Club,” in 2017.  The Super Smart Girls Club is a 501c3 non-profit literacy-based and community service organization designed to mentor and motive young girls through literacy and stimulated educational programs.


The organization helps girls ages 6 through 19 enhance leadership skills, life skills, teamwork, and encourages community service. Latina takes pride in her work as a youth mentor and enables every young girl to maintain work ethics that include perseverance, dedication, commitment, and attentiveness to succeed in society and among their peers.

In addition to managing and growing her non-profit organization, she is an author. Latina writes children’s positivity books to empower and encourage girls to read and reach beyond their short term goals.  Her books are considered a simple read to help girls who struggle with reading become active readers. She writes her books in the second and third person to help build the child’s reading knowledge.  Latina believes that strong literacy skills can help a child who struggles academically and socially.

She is inspired by creating a positive impact on the community and the lives of young girls. The Super Smart Girls Club promotes higher education and encourages young girls to pursue all instruction areas to include alternative programs and certificate programs. Her organization helps girls by offering dual enrollment scholarships and college scholarships to encourage higher education.