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 Congratulations are in order! The 2020 Women Rocking the WEB Award Recipients have been chosen!  Learn more at #WRAWARDS2020 and #2020wrtwhonoree #womenrock2020 #womenrockawards2020

WE Magazine for Women and Women in Ecommerce are excited to announce the list of Who’s Who Women Rocking the WEB for 2020. Learn more about these accomplished women at #WRAWARDS2020 and #2020wrtwhonoree #womenrock2020 #womenrockawards2020

WE Magazine for Women Congratulates the  2020 Women Rocking the WEB Award Recipients! More than 50 women have been chosen to represent their industries and professions. Learn more here: #WRAWARDS2020 and #2020wrtwhonoree #womenrock2020 #womenrockawards2020 

WE Magazine for Women Announces the 2020 Women Rocking the WEB Award Recipients⠀
They are: Arsiak, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, Zenobia Bailey, Betty Bauman, Gail Birks, Daniela Bolzman, Kim Boudreau Smith, Rosana Calambichis, Toni-Anne Campbell, Alexa Carlin, Nancy Coblenz, Dr. Toscha Dickerson, Janie Flores, Denise Fuller, JoAnn Gross, Reetu Gupta, Heidi Herman, Cassandra Hill, Molly Hillenbrand, Christina Hills, Stacey Hylen, Claire Hone, Rennee Hubb, Sonya Ruff Jarvis, Candace Junee’, Pat Lynch, Beverly Mahone, Nell Merlino, Latina McIntyre, Denise Michaels, Nancy Mills, Dr. Rachel Needle, Biba Pedron, Odette Peek, Linda Pereira, Ericka N. Perry, M.S., Maria Petrak, Sonya Rawlings, Dana Robinson, Natalie Rodriguez, Patricia Rogers, Christina Rowe, Jacqueline Shaulis, Debbie Silverman, Felicia Slattery, Natasha Stromberg, Liz Sara, Dr. Helen Turnbull, CSP, Jennifer Urwin, Christy Whitman, Stephanie Xenos, Carolyn Zaumeyer, MSN, APRN⠀
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 WE Magazine for Women and Women in Ecommerce are excited to announce the list of Who’s Who Women Rocking the WEB for 2020. These accomplished women are as different as their professions and ages (from early 20’s to mid 70’s). More than 50 have been chosen to represent their industries and professions including artists, healers, authors, caterers, event planners, health care professionals, nonprofit leaders, internet marketers, photographers, coaches, consultants, manufacturers, clothing designers, inventors, personal trainers, and everything in between. Some of the women have been in business for more than 20 years and others as few as two years. And what does each of these women have in common? They all promote their products, services, and organizations on the Internet. Successfully. 

Learn more here: #WRAWARDS2020 and #2020wrtwhonoree #womenrock2020 #womenrockawards2020 

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