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She is Founder and CEO of GODDESS T.O.U.C.H. (Transmuting Of the Universal Consciousness Heart), a unique multi-dimensional umbrella of services and techniques, including DNA activation methods used in person or virtually. By expanding time, frequencies are raised to prepare people for successful surgeries, medical treatments, exams, travel, etc. Further, her clients regain peace from mental and/or emotional imbalances, we create the best outcome for life changes.

She may need to go into past/future lives, receive messages from their fragmented essence, departed ones, masters, and more, all to bring balance, awareness and wholeness!

Carole has created sacred tools (through channeled meditation) to awaken the light in the cellular memory advocating loving balance where there was none prior. “CLEAR THE PATH” and “4:4 RECALIBRATION”.  Life readings (past/future/parallel lifetimes) – know about former lifetimes, you can heal the present.