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Words have power.
No one knows that better or uses words more strategically than CHARISSE BURTON.

Charisse is a Business Strategy & Messaging Coach and Entrepreneur with over 18 yrs of experience.  She is a content specialist, passionate motivator, messaging authority, sage strategist, and founder of LIVE YOUR CHOSEN LIFE, LLC. Business Coaching. 

Charisse is a veteran sales professional and runs a very profitable training program for direct sales-based business owners alongside her primary coaching practice. She is also the founder of THE CLIENT ATTRACTION ACADEMY.

Charisse has spent many years both as an entrepreneur and training female entrepreneurs to reach great success.  She has been a part of the top 1% of a 3-billion-dollar international company where her mission was to empower women to step out of the false belief, they had adopted about who they were and into who God created them to be.

While having an 89% closing rate herself, Charisse’s unique skills to build strategy, blended with her gift of creating relationships and developing response driven messaging and closing sales, makes a her unique leader in her field.     

For the past year Charisse has lead a Mastermind program she co-founded for women to develop business strategies, increase their clarity and sharpen their focus.  She is participating in writing an anthology currently and launched a specific dedicated set of courses for women in direct sales.  In addition, Charisse is launching a NEW PROGRAM in a matter of days called The CLIENT ATTRACTION ACADEMY that is a hybrid high touch program to support businesswomen to create a plan to attract dream clients organically by bringing in 1-2 new leads on each business post they make. 

Lastly, she still finds it very important to hold space for those who need specific sessions.  Therefore, she keeps a client roster working with 10 individual 1:1 clients.

Charisse lives by two concepts that have supported her throughout her life: “When you will work like no one else will for two years, you will be able to live like no one else can for the rest of your life,” has been the foundation of keeping her focused in moving forward.  This ties directly into living with freedom and providing experiences for her family which is #2 on her vision board. 

#1 on Charisse’s vision board and the second phrase is all about becoming who God created her to be while helping others do that same. “You can do all things through Christ,” is the scripture that has allowed her the strength to choose growth through all the obstacles she encountered in her “colorful childhood,” as she calls it.  Most importantly in all things to Charisse, is living a life that uses every gift God has given her to empower and bless other women. 

When Charisse is not coaching, building strategies with clients or supporting them in creating content attracting posts, she spends time with family.  She is married to the love of her life, Andrew Burton, the mom of 4 sons and 3 fur babies. Together their grown sons are each making their own significant impact in the world.  Charisse and Andy are members of their church where they play a role in the marriage ministry, she is a trusted friend and asset to anyone who knows her.