President, DreamSTRONG Foundation

Nonprofit Leadership Excellence 

About Connie

Connie Gorrell is the founder, director, and inspiration behind the 501(c)(3) charity the DreamSTRONG™ Foundation for Women and Girls. She is a speaker, author, freelance writer, and publishing strategist as well as a writing coach and educator. Her inspirational retail shops will be launching this spring worldwide.

As an entrepreneur and businesswoman, Connie specializes in consulting with those who wish to find their authentic path to success whether personally, spiritually, or professionally. Her passion to help individuals dealing with life’s curveballs find their own true voice runs deep. She guides her clients to build a plan that leads them to their passion, whether it is a professional or spiritual pathway. She helps to set goals that will empower women to pursue the life of their dreams.

Connie has authored books on local marketing strategies for small business success using simple techniques she used in her own businesses. She’s also an inspirational writer who shares her true compelling story to help others find their way through crises. Following her passion, Connie creates and designs workshops where she and other guests teach diverse topics encompassing personal subjects such as health and well-being, spirituality, and professional enrichment.

She has been an anchor author for women’s magazines and a featured writer and columnist for trade magazines and newspapers. Connie has appeared on major network television and international radio broadcasts. She enjoys speaking to groups of any size to share her story of inspiration with the international community. As a publishing strategist, Connie encourages her constituents to develop and tell their stories, share their lessons, and deliver their messages to the world. “Women must tell their stories,” offers Connie. “We owe it to ourselves and to the future of families and those we love—around the world.”

Following the unexpected deaths of their four sons, Connie and her husband, Brent, have committed their path to help others facing life’s changes in the wake of great loss, whether it is the loss of a loved one, loss of career path, loss of health, or the loss of a marriage which so often occurs when tragedy strikes into the heart of a family.