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"Elisa James"

About Elisa

As a former Professional travelling Entertainer for more than 35 years, I have sung, acted, spoken and danced in just about every country around the world.
I have performed in front of thousands of people on stage and on camera my entire life and in every conceivable situation imaginable.
Dynamic and engaging Performance using the power of VOICE is my jam and I love nothing more than helping other people find that joy and confidence to do the same.

As a professional entertainer I gathered lots of training as well as experience along the way.
Estill Voice Training System in Voice Physiology (London)
Masters Degree in Holistic health and Counselling (USA)
Masters Degree in Voice Teaching and Performance (Conservatorium AUS)

As well as a plethora of degrees and certificates and 30 years of personal and professional development along the way, I bring 35 years of performance experience to the mix as well.

I  help a myriad of people from all sorts of backgrounds and all skill levels from beginners to the experienced professional.

My current clients include high-end Motivational Speakers Like Tony Robbins, Journalists, Coaches, Celebrities, DJ’s  and TV Presenters, to Every Day business owners, and also singers and actors that need to polish their skills.

I use a Holistic Approach to Public Speaking and Performance, so whether you have voice damage that needs fixing, a lack of confidence holding you back, trauma patterns that need breaking, or you need to build your online brand and presence on video for business – I have a program that’s right for you.


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