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About Gillian

Gillian Hughes has had a long-standing passion for self-discovery, self-development, spirituality, and many other things considered ‘woo-woo’!

She loves the endless possibilities available to us through developing our hearts and minds. And through her ongoing learning, she has become a jack of all trades and a MASTER in bringing them all together to help people like you create a more fulfilling and happier life.

Gillian became a certified coach after realising many of her friends would come to her to talk ‘things’ over and she had a natural way of helping improve how they were feeling as well as improving their situations.

She is passionate about making a difference and coaching is a perfect way for her to achieve this. So she went back to more self-development. She studied Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, and Spiritual Life Coaching and fell in love with them all.

Gillian is constantly learning and evolving so as a result, she has been through many transformations. One of her biggest transformations is such a simple one and yet for her, so profound. Someone told her ‘Your spirituality is your superpower’, it was as if the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. Since then,  Gillian has intertwined her love of ‘woo-woo’ with coaching and self-development to create a business she is proud of, offering services using my intuition and making a difference every day. And that gets her bounding out of bed in the morning!


Whether you want to be more confident, nurture self-love, have better relationships, start your own business, have a fulfilling career, improve your health or attract financial abundance, together we will do the inner work and take the external steps needed to move you towards your desires so you can create a more fulfilling and happier life.

If you have goals and dreams that you want to achieve but you feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed, Chatty Flamingo will help you create the life you want as the person you want to become.

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