Kay Suthar, CEO

Make Your Mark Agency

Podcasting Excellence 

About Kay


Kay Suthar is the CEO of Make Your Mark Podcast Agency. She is passionate about providing a platform for women and women of colour to find their voice and show them how to start a podcast and get booked on podcasts because, for many years, she felt like she didn’t have one.

We believe women have a unique challenge in getting their voices to be heard. Women lead busy, full lives and often don’t put themselves first. Some want to support but don’t think they have the technical knowledge to podcast. Some of them feel hesitant about putting themselves into a public space. And all of them, just like all human beings, wonder if they’re good enough to have their own show.

Podcasting has not only helped Kay find my `voice` it has provided her with a platform to enable her voice to reach others. It had also introduced her to many people who have helped her grow and develop beyond what she ever imagined when she first started the journey.

This is why Kay is passionate about showing women how they can start a Podcast and to get booked on podcasts as guests to get their voice heard. Women who know they have a message to share but have let fear prevent them from speaking out.

Here at Make Your Mark Podcast Agency we guide, support, motivate and inspire you on your journey to have the confidence to speak out and the platform to reach others so that you can serve to your highest potential.

When live events got shut down during the pandemic, Kay,  started seeking out guest interviews on existing podcast shows. After countless rejections, she crafted an approach that landed her 100 interviews in 60 days. Exposure on podcast shows continues to feed her business.

As a global sales expert, Kay Suthar has sold high ticket packages to countries all over the world. She has helped multiple businesses build their live events division and increase revenue by 4x by bringing in more speakers and hosting more live events. 

Kay hosts her own show, Uncensored Society Podcast (https://uncensoredsocietypodcast.com/), which is built around gaining sales for her guests. She believes that sales are an unfortunate missed opportunity for a large number of podcasters, guests, and listeners alike. Her goal is to elevate podcasters to have more impact by getting their message out on more platforms and increasing their sales while helping more people.