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"Kelly McCausey"

About Kelly

Kelly McCausey has built a thriving internet business doing what she loves; writing, creating and coaching. At Love People + Make Money she helps entrepreneurs publish content they love for a community willing to pay for it.

She got her start in 2002. Back then she was a single mom with one young son. She made graphics and websites for other home based business owners. She worked too hard and charged too little. Like many new business owners, Kelly didn’t understand the value of her time.

Over the years she learned there are many ways to build an income online and have built a variety of online projects, some taught me valuable lessons and some brought me growing success.  As important as her business experiences have been, the personal work she’s done around self love, self compassion and mindset has even more valuable.  For many years now, she no longer trades hours for dollars. Kelly blogs, podcasts, designs, partners, creates information products, runs membership programs, holds live retreats and coaches others to get where they want to be in an online business.

About Love People + Make Money:

You’ll find a blog and podcast filled with free content in support of building a smart online business.  Kelly writes about Getting Exposure For Your Compelling Content, Managing Your Business Ideas, Developing a Business Success Mindset and Overcoming Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.  She interviews smart entrepreneurs who have an inspiring story to tell and meaty knowledge to share.


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