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"Kristi Tornabene"

About Kristi


I always wanted to help people, and provide money to my church and people who need it.
I became a coach, because, well it started out I wanted to stay slim. It became more intense as my family started showing aging signs of not being able to walk. When I encountered pain, I knew if I didn’t solve this I would end up in a nursing home too.

Helping people find their best foods is how I help people feel fit at any age. Your gut is the predictor of how you will age, and since three of my cousins died before age 70, I know this makes a difference. Hundreds of people work through this on Facebook pages, and I have lots of information to refer to. Plus friends I have made from there.

Helping an 80 year old woman lose 90 pounds was her greatest achievement and happiness. Now she is not embarrassed in public. Helping people look well and feel fit at any age is the purpose of my website, book, course and coaching.

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