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About Lori

Some businesses are started with exciting wild stories and backbreaking work to defy the odds. This isn’t one of those back stories.

Lori Lyons didn’t have an long term vision or goal to follow her passion or plan for years to start a marketing and website company. It literally happened overnight, when a friend asked her to help him with a website. And another friend asked- then another. She discovered that anyone can be an expert you can find it on YouTube or Books for Dummies.  In the process of learning and exploring the business of building websites, she discovered that she was really, really good as a strategist – especially for small businesses.

As a non technical person in a technical world, Lori has the ability to explain marketing and business strategies in words people actually understand. Lori is the owner of Igniting Your Business, a website design and digital marketing agency serving small businesses all over the world.  Her program, Make Your Marketing Simple, helps frustrated entrepreneurs navigate today’s marketing and digital maze.

Lori will be launching her podcast, The Encore Entrepreneur, in 2022 for those starting a second or third business and are in their middle and “prime older years.”  They are confused and dazed and really do not know where to begin with marketing their new business.

The digital landscape is ever changing. The Encore Entrepreneur Podcast will be a varied format including guests sharing their marketing success stories as well as guest experts.  She is also working on a book to be released by the end of the year for the Encore Entrepreneur. Lori is a speaker, author, and a fun podcast guest in addition to directing her amazing Igniting Your Business team.

Lori lives in Atlanta with her husband and son. She loves her Atlanta Braves baseball, any football game playing on TV and Angel’s Envy bourbon.