MARTA SPIRK, Empowerment Coach & Marketing Strategist

Coaching Excellence 

About Marta

Marta Spirk is a wife, triplet mom, podcaster, author, empowerment coach & marketing strategist. She helps women entrepreneurs learn to boost their confidence and grow their business by looking at their most valuable resource: THEMSELVES. She does that with her podcast The Empowered Woman (over 100K downloads),

The Empowered Woman: The Ultimate Roadmap to Business Success (book) and The Empowered Woman School membership and workshops.


When I first met Marta Spirk, she was on stage, and I thought she was such a beautiful vibrant spirit, but I was way too nervous to introduce myself. Months later, I finally took the first step. I joined her Empowered Woman School, and only a month later I asked if I could get into her one-on-one coaching program… I am always so grateful I took that leap!

I couldn’t possibly say enough to tell everyone what she has done for me, but here are a few bullet points… She helped me create a proactive and actionable plan for my marketing that has skyrocketed my visibility.

During every call, we would go over the plan for my business and my income and I gained so much clarity from these sessions. I am forever grateful for how far I have come since starting!

Between sessions, I loved being able to send her messages with questions and getting an answer that was so perfectly tailored to my situation.

And not just advice, whenever I made a huge sale or had a breakthrough, she is the first person I wanted to message, and I would always get a beautiful response about how happy she was for me and asking “How are you celebrating?” Which, I don’t know about you, but I need the reminder!

Here’s the thing about Marta, when you get to sit down with her as a coach and go over a business plan… She is so invested in you… Just you as a person and your business and success are completely a part of that. I always felt completely seen and understood.

If you need a jolt of life in your business, your message, or your marketing… Marta is exactly the right person for that!