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About Patricia

Patricia Elizabeth is a Wealth, Light Codes and Light Language Activator. After struggling for many years and healing her money story, She created ISA Light Codes and ISA Money Light Codes.

She coaches, mentors and teaches conscious women to expand on their spiritual gifts, rewrite their money story and create a profitable spiritual based business.

Growing up, Patricia felt like she was an outsider looking in. She instinctively knew that she had spiritual gifts, but with time she learned to suppress them. She understood that it was different and unaccepted by others around her.

In 2004, began her spiritual re-awakening when she received a major wake up call when she was diagnosed with major clinical depression. Several years later, she discovered Reiki, which she was naturally attuned to. Since then, she has studied and been certified in many different healing modalities and coaching. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Metaphysical Science with the University of Metaphysics.

In 2014 she left the corporate world and the financial industry to start her first business. In 2017, her business collapsed and Patricia was faced with a difficult decision. Instead of going back to corporate, which was the easier path, she chose to create her current business. She hasn’t looked back.

Patricia, a Canadian, now lives in Mexico and has realized all of her childhood dreams. She now helps women to awaken their spiritual gifts and to build a profitable healing business.