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About Rose Lee

Rose Lee is an award-winning TV Producer/Host of the Rose Lee Archer Show.  The show is produced and distributed by Rose Lee Productions Inc, since 1999. In Graduate School, Rose Lee designed her programming niche in journalism by addressing FCC licensing requirements of broadcast network television stations. Her unique brand of programming explores a variety of issues featuring expert guests who offer pragmatic solutions to help viewers get past a topic focused issue in life. On and off camera Rose Lee has demonstrated her leadership to capture the hearts of the media and government agencies.

Rose Lee’s strength and determination began as a teen mother of a son with disabilities.  Later in life she was awarded the Florida Points of Light Award by Governor Jeb Bush. This recognition for her on camera work soon increased her visibility as a disability advocate to inform her viewers of the social inequity among Floridians with disabilities and advocate for resources to support families who care for a person with a disability. 

Rose Lee and her son’s volunteer work at Archer Disability Foundation offers high school transition programs. ADF works with five Florida School Districts to empower ESE (Exceptional Student Education) students who are transitioning out of the school district after graduation.  She created Career Exploration Mentoring Programs for ESE students to prepare students to gain skills and compete for employment in their community.

For over two decades Rose Lee has produced her broadcast television programming featuring hundreds of guests throughout Florida and the nation in government, medicine and business. As a full-time mother and Television Producer she continued to serve the state of Florida as a Gubernatorial Appointee to the Florida Independent Living Council for two decades under Governor Bush, Governor Christ and Governor Scott. During her Gubernatorial appointments Rose Lee’s passionate voice helped create Public Policy to increase the quality of life for Floridians of all ages with disabilities.

For over two decades Rose Lee Production continues their commitment to produce informative broadcast television programming to benefit its viewers by presenting resources that offer a proactive approach for viewers to get past adversities affecting their lives.