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Sharon Watkins is the CEO of RadiusPoint, a thirty-year-old telecom and utility expense management firm. After founding the company in January 1992, she became instrumental in working with the software development team to create ExpenseLogic, the telecom and utility expense management software that has less than ten competitors worldwide.

From Sharon’s experience with clients, the software developed into a tool that can satisfy the needs of any organization that has multiple sites and numerous employees to manage. She has successfully signed and retained clients ranging from Fortune 50 to small local county governments. Sharon and her dedicated team of problem solvers have made over 500% ROI by using their proprietary auditing software to create the most detailed audit for their clients’ telecom, utility, and IT invoices.

Sharon has won prestigious awards including, Top 50 Minority/Women-Owned Businesses in Tennessee in 2005 named by Fast Company Magazine, the Enterprising Women of the Year award in 2006, Business Owner of the Year in 2015 from the Orlando Business Journal, and CEO of the year in 2019 from the Orlando Business Journal. Her company, RadiusPoint, was also named one of Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in 2015 and Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2007.

Sharon earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kennedy Western University and achieved many other certifications in the field of telecommunications audit and project management. In May 2008, she graduated from the Mid-South Minority Business Council and University of Memphis MBA program. Most recently Sharon has completed the outsourcing certification program offered through the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

Creation of proprietary software, ExpenseLogic has been incredibly fulfilling.  ExpenseLogic began as an accounts payable expense management software that has grown to 10 different modules all on one software platform.  Businesses that are growing will have to purchase software and possibly use a company to provide services to manage the software for them.  As the company grows, the availability of their needed software on one software platform makes their growth much easier and the cost manageable.

We have expanded our software and services into the Energy Sustainability as many large companies are required to report emissions and C02 usage.  As the client requests specialty reporting and specific information, we have been working with our software developers to meet those needs and expand into the Energy Sustainability arena.

Most recently we have expanded our online shopping platform that was used only used as an E-Commerce site to order Wireless and IT services and equipment to all Services, supplies and equipment that a business of any size would need.  This new site is BNDL and is a P2P platform that offers a full procure to pay solution.