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About Toni

Toni Kaufman, (former President George H. W. Bush Computer Trainer and IT Support Manager) is known for her Television, Radio Show, and Podcast and production/casting background (in English and Spanish) on such famous shows Fremantle Media’s Top Talent Searching programs and their Spanish Counterparts… American Idol/Objetivo Fama, America’s Top Models/Belleza Latina, and casting families for Family Feud/Que Dice La Gente among many others.

Toni went from owning and managing high-profile corporate teams to creating a network of World Class Mentors that host a multitude of influencers from industries such as oil, technology, speaking, politics, and film/TV. These mentors are guests and members of The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau, her latest project. She is dedicated to celebrating those who have achieved world-class by honoring their mentors, their own lives, and legacies. Toni works with entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, healers, and coaches to help them find “The Celebrity Within” she helps her clients fine-tune their message, offers and designs sizzling campaigns to increase sales and bring out their inner hero.

Toni brings a Hi-energy level of empowerment to her audiences, from near-death experiences to driven, absolute entrepreneurship. Motivated and Inspired are two descriptions of how her audiences leave after her talks.

The Core DNA of The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau is this: if you take one strand and says it’s the Event Planners, the Meeting Planners, the Producers, and the Stage Managers, these are the people who are looking for you.  Then we take the other strand and this is where you are, the talent who is looking for stages, podcasts, conferences, and radio/tv speaking opportunities, The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau works to find that perfect connection between client and speaker to bring opportunities that would not be otherwise available.

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau hosts a collection of speakers and event management professionals that combine their knowledge and networking expertise to facilitate the creation of platforms and opportunities for speakers, authors, healers, and coaches.

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau is a database of personalities from diverse fields such as politics, sports, business, television, and comedy. The speaker bureau team initiates the introduction between speaker and client and supports both parties from the primary stages of making contact throughout the booking and logistics process. Clients requiring speakers are usually businesses, corporations, charities, educational or public institutions. A speakers bureau helps clients and speakers negotiate speaking fees; payments awarded to an individual for speaking at a public event. This fee is usually set by the speaker or the speaker’s agent. Logistics can be dealt with by the speaker’s bureau, like fees, transport, accommodations, and timing, or communication between speaker and client.