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Wendy Garrido, #1 best-selling author & 2-time Gold-medalist at the USA Pickleball Association National tournament is the founder of “Business in the New Paradigm”.  Her leading-edge approaches will inspire you to be truer to yourself than ever before and to share your life stories with the people who NEED to hear them.  She’ll inspire you to STOP tolerating work that doesn’t light you up or relationships that don’t make you feel seen, heard and understood, and she will show you how to START co-creating with the universe so you can step more fully into your divinely-guided mission on this planet.

Wendy’s open-book, no BS approach is refreshing, heartfelt and compassionate. Listening to her podcast (Wendyisms) or joining her Telegram channel (Wendygrams) will leave you feeling less alone and more connected, with a greater sense of what’s possible than ever before.

Wendy is the founder of the “Authentic AF Awards” and specializes in helping smart, emotionally-intelligent, spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who feel stuck in a business you don’t love anymore harness the success you’ve already created to channel it in the direction of your heart’s true desires.  

She has several online courses and offers 3 types of VIP intensives. You can sign up for a “Love Your Business” VIP intensive to help you get clarity and develop strategies to bring the excitement, enthusiasm and aliveness back into your business in just one day. She also offers a “Be Yourself in Video” VIP intensive where she will help you let go of your perfectionist tendencies and mindset blocks to get more comfortable and confident on camera so you can leverage your time and energy and bust out videos that share the dynamic self you show your clients in person. And, if you’re ready to bring more YOU into your brand, she offers an “Evolve Your Brand in a Day” intensive where she uses the assets you already have on hand to uplevel your brand so it’s a better match for who you are today (and for who you will become).