Nancy Mills 
Spirited Woman



About Nancy

Nancy Mills is a visionary, women’s empowerment leader, energy artist, inspirational writer and a builder of community. She recently started painting at 70. She believes there is no age limit on self-expression.

Twenty years ago, while in her early fifties, she founded Spirited Woman, a leading women’s empowerment community that has come to embrace and inspire 1000’s of women worldwide.

Nancy’s mission is to help heal and support women through actions of empowerment. She does this through her art, writing, foundation and by celebrating every woman visionaries.

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Nancy’s latest project is PAINTED PRAYERS, a collection of her energy artwork expressed through original art and notecards. Each PAINTED PRAYER is a symbol of spirit, empowerment and beauty. It is her way of sending prayers out into the world.

“It is essential for EVERY WOMAN’s voice to be heard.”

She lives in Playa Vista, California on land that once was an Indian Burial Ground.

Nancy’s led quite the life!