Rennee Hubb, Creator Inspiring 2 Live 


About Rennee

A single teenage mother who raised two children and raised her sister from age 12. Losing her mother in her early 20’s, she overcame homelessness, suicide, and more. It helped her to understand that in life you must endure and trust God.

Rennee’ is an Evangelist, Outreach Ministry Leader, Author, creator of Inspiring 2 Live, and co-owner of Robin and Rennee’ Catering (2018 Top 100 Minority Enterprise Business Winner). Her passion and purpose are to inspire and make a lasting impact.


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Inspiring 2 Live started out as a hashtag and was officially birthed when my nephew Marcus A. Godfrey gained his crown on July 22, 2020. Marcus fought a good fight until the very end and he Inspired many. Inspiring 2 Live will honor him by inspiring people to live. We have apparel available, a perfume named after the founder Rennee’, and more. We also offer daily inspirational messages, visit our IG page @inspiring2live to become inspired daily. Inspiring 2 Live mission is to inspire people to live, using practical and biblical base messages.