Toni-Anne Campbell
Under the Bodhi Tree


About Toni-Anne

Under the Bodhi Tree helps Spiritual Women experience creative and financial liberation through Soul-Inspired Business.  Under the Bodhi Tree launched in 2017 with a simple question; what makes us TRULY happy.  Having spent many years as a psychotherapist, working with clients who seemed to be in a perpetual ‘revolving door’ cycle of treatment, I began to deeply question ‘what brings about enduring happiness’.

My quest has created many opportunities to connect with women from all over the world who have been longing, yearning and questing to find answers to the same questions I was asking – what makes life truly worth living, how can I become fully expressed in this life, how can I make a unique contribution so the world can become a better place, how can I experience joy.  It became obvious to me that women carry deeply internalized systems of oppression brought about my thousands of years of subjugation, exploitation, and denial of access to avenues for self and soul actualization.  This hurt my heart.  And it fueled my purpose.

Through blog writing, social media sharing, guest speaking, and creating and participating in online multi-speaker events, I have been honored to connect with Spiritual Women from all over the world who are rising into deep purpose and higher service.  I have been humbled at the generosity of those who have donated their time for the online events we have co-created, sharing the insights and gems gained on their own transformational journey.  Together we have reached thousands of women who have felt inspired and encouraged to take their next steps towards uncovering and living their Soul Purpose, coming to know that creative, financial and Soul liberation is available to THEM.  What a deep honor this continues to be.

I am deeply passionate about sharing the message that women NOW have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to experience creative and financial liberation like at no other point in human history.  When a woman deeply quests to uncover her Soul Purpose and expresses this through Sacred Business, where her business is deeply aligned with Soul and Spirit, where her ‘unique take on things’ answers the cry of the world in some specific way, it is at this point she will find that the world is willing to pay her in a deep and sacred exchange of energy and money – it is here that she can truly break free from the systems of oppression that have denied women access to equity, liberty and deep expression of their sacred gifts.  To me, there is no other greater service than the offering of your sacred gifts to the world.  This is what the world needs to create a home where we all deeply belong and meaningfully contribute to thrive.

Under the Bodhi Tree continues to be a voice for soul and spirit in the world and in the online space where it is so sorely needed, calling women home to their deepest place of belonging, highest creative service and true financial liberation.  May it be of benefit.