Zenobia Bailey
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About Zenobia

After years of battling a serious case of pernicious anemia, using prescribed and over the counter remedies, my remedy awaited me in a beauty shop almost 40 years ago.  Little did I know that a conversation I overheard about wellness would be the start of a renewed and rejuvenated life while also providing the tracks for an additional career option.  Simply stated, an interchange between the shop owner and the individual who I asked for a catalog to read about all the good things her company offered led me to want to experience and implement my newly found products and data.  

Finding great satisfaction in sharing both from my personal holdings, with everyone I knew, I felt that I’d found a rewarding past-time and hobby.  However, when I decided to merge my backgrounds of teaching, wellness, public relations and mentoring, coaching, via Baileys’ Health and Wellness, emerged which includes a partnership with the Number 1 natural nutrition company in the United States.  After all, The Shaklee Corporation was the company that relieved me of my lack of energy and overall sick feeling.

I do not like to feel pressed.  Therefore, I make it a point to not press my clients or prospective clients whether it concerns a coaching program or wellness products.  This is what was so satisfying about the beauty shop encounter.  No one approached me and certainly, no one pursued or pressured me.  I requested information and, subsequently, products.  It was a perfect fit.

Passionate and grateful for life, I approach all that I do with excellence and persistence. Consequently, I strive to motivate and assist others to do the same, based on their defined goals. As an advocate of integrative health and well care, I also enjoy empowering others to see the upside of achieving better health and wellness as it truly impacts everything we are and do.